The advantage of the beauty of the products based on Dead Sea minerals

Say that the Dead Sea is one of the most famous place on earth, it would have heard the story of the Dead Sea Products in the course of a lifetime at least once adult children of almost all, and the teenager is fair, it is surprising because it is not the time of the benefits of Dead Sea mineral salts are well known even before the great Herod. In fact, has been a great Herod who we recommend that you visit what is called the world’s oldest natural hot spring is now frequently Cleopatra.

Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, it is 417 meters of that much larger than the volume of liquid to and below sea level, the amount of water evaporated from the Dead Sea Cosmetics is poured into it. Mineral composition of sea water, are fundamentally different from the mineral composition of the water found in the other sea on Earth. It is 18% that is actually sodium chloride has been estimated, these are the 97% most of the mineral salts found in seawater in the whole Earth from 12 from only inorganic salts, all concentrated in the water of the Dead Sea chloride is the number of radicals that take into account that it is sodium.

The density of water found in the Dead Sea is so much greater than seawater normal, but that can float in it almost everyone, this is the people, the only reason that the growth is like a sea of ​​this particular , the unique properties of Sea of spa water that is not love the world’s people around the world. Mineral found in this water, it is useful for in order to stabilize and adjust the metabolism of the human, to treat those diseases related to the circulation of which they are known, they are also places like the spa have been used for relaxation, this mineral, headache has been used to treat arthritis, fatigue, remember and conditions of disease and many other dandruff, seen when the disease they are nobody is Since you can not Te, feel beautiful, they have a direct effect on beauty. Black Pearl

They are to maintain the moisture level sufficient to human skin, and nourish the cell, it is possible to provide the overall protection without them, further, mineral found in the water of the Dead Sea, intelligent Products based on an artificial chemistry has been used as the basis for skin care treatments and products, the nasty side effects can be induced in people with sensitive skin in many cases.


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